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Tsuki Usagi
Tsuki Usagi
Hirota Glass
Hirota Glass
Hirota Glass
Hirota Glass

KitchenBay is a collective of artisans, studios and factories, each specializing in their own specific craft. Some dating back to the 1800’s, each exemplifying their own unique discipline for the entire Japanese nation.

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Enamelware has a long and storied history in the Japanese culture since it’s introduction in 1866, having provided the durable tools and utensils for the national military and the popular standard for domestic kitchen tools, containers and surfaces. Since 1923, Fujii has been a leader in the field of Japanese enamelware, and through it’s Tsuki Usagi brand has consistently provided among the most delightful, sought after kitchenware products, most notably, the acclaimed Slimpot with its fluid, sculpted lines and it’s exceptional utility for brewing perfect pour over coffee.

Logo Hirota Glass

Hirota glass was founded in 1899 as a producer of fine hand crafted glassware. The glass making techniques they employed, including Aburidashi, which involves the use of two different types of glass blown simultaneously to create stunning opalescent designs on the glass surface, or the exquisite hand cutting work in their glassware have been refined for generations. Today those same skills are used to create contemporary treasures for all lovers of beautiful glassware and barware.


Iwaki, founded in 1883 has been a pioneer in the development of durable and heat resistant glass products. Having long ago established a superiority in this field, Iwaki has distinguished itself for it’s elegant, clean design and it’s prominent display of the efficient functionality of the Iwaki product as it’s chief aesthetic asset.

These techniques figure among the most archetypal forms of traditional Japanese artisan culture and identity. KitchenBay Fujii is devoted to the preservation of these honored crafts, to their seamless integration into the rituals of modern domestic life and to the sharing of our craft with the entire world.



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